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Hookup culture is bad for women—so why do we force ourselves to participate? (May 2016)

The Atlantic

How Does Hookup Culture Affect Sexual Assault on Campus? (June 2016)

Washington Post

Is Hinge really for serious relationships? (November 2016)

I have plenty of friends, but no best friend (August 2016)

Global Grind

Beyonce is (Finally) with her (November 2016)

The Straits Times

(Singapore’s largest national newspaper)
Re-printed: I have plenty of friends, but no best friend

Brooklyn Magazine

Cobble Hill’s Youngest Business Owners Open New Comic Store (June 2016)


This condom is so strong we couldn’t rip it with a needle

Middlebury Magazine:

Modern Love (July 2015)

44 Ideas, Inventions, Discoveries, & Creations that Middlebury (and Its people) Have Given the World (SPRING 2014 COVER STORY)

Homecoming (May 2014)

Cutting the Umbilical Cord to Facebook (April 2013) 

Thought Catalog:

If He Doesn’t Think You’re Hot, It Probably Won’t Happen (March 2015)

Women’s Health Magazine:

One Woman’s Colostomy Bag Swimsuit Photo Has Kickstarted an Incredibly Inspiring Campaign (July 2014)

The Number of Calories Each Stressful Event Costs You (July 2014)

The Amazingly Easy Way to Pit Cherries that Will Save You Hours (July 2014)

5 Bedtime Snacks That’ll Help You Sleep Better (July 2014)

The WORST Free Samples For Weight Loss (July 2014)

Five Foods High in Probiotics that Aren’t Yogurt (July 2014)

Would You Ever Consider a Trial Marriage? (July 2014)

This New Invention Could Change Proposals Forever (July 2014)

The Surprising Way to Keep Avocados Fresh That Will Blow Your Mind (July 2014)

And The Unhappiest City in America Is… (July 2014)

4 Healthy Breakfast Foods That’ll Leave You Hungry An Hour Later (August 2014) 

The Best Time to Consume Calories if You’re Trying to Lose Weight (August 2014) 

5 Foods with More Vitamin C Than an Orange (August 2014)

The Crazy-Romantic Thing Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Did (August 2014)

17 Weird Things That Can Mess With Your Fertility (August 2014) 

What You Need to Know About Parkinson’s Disease (August 2014)

Why Joseph Gordon-Levitt Considers Himself a Feminist (August 2014)

7 Healthy Foods That Are Dangerous If You Eat Too Much of Them (August 2014)

4 Foods You Should Avoid Now If You Want to Get Pregnant Later (August 2014)

9 Scary Ways Alcohol Affects Your Body (August 2014)

14 Things Your Massage Therapist Wants You to Know (October 2014)

7 Fall Fruits and Veggies That Are PACKED With Nutrients (September 2014)

How one woman lost more than 75 pounds using three simple tricks (December 2014 Print Story, ghost written)


20 Things Liberal Arts Students Need to Know at a Professional Internship (July 2014) 

WellesleyWeston Magazine (Print):

Unpaid Internships (Spring 2013 Edition)
Page 40, Forum section

Dealing With Body Image at Middlebury (February 2014)

Q+A With Gabriel Sherman ’01, New York Times Best Selling Author (March 2014)

Giving “Bro” Culture a Voice of It’s Own (April 2013)

All (many more) middbeat posts available here (pseudonym: professla)

New England Clean Energy Council:

New England Heat Wave Illuminates Need for Grid Reliability (July 2013)

Solar Panel Parking Lots Prosper at Local Schools (June 2013)

Solar Power Roof Provides Bright Future for Boston (June 2013)

New England Excels in 2013 U.S. Clean Tech Leadership Index (June 2013)

Launch of Floating Turbine: Maine’s Breakthrough in Offshore Wind (June 2013)

Wind Industry Propels International and Local Economies Forward (May 2013)

SEIA Names Senator Benjamin Downing 2013 Legislator of the Year (July 2013)

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