Quartz at Work author page:

Quartz Global author page:

Work and management:
(Feature) Your company’s Slack is probably sexist
Matt Lauer was always NBC’s misogynist hiding in plain sight
Matt Lauer allegedly locked women in his office with a secret button under his desk
Bill O’Reilly wants you to pay $50 to watch him explain sexual harassment
Men who want to fight sexism at work: Read Sheryl Sandberg’s blunt advice
The smartest entrepreneurs aim low when picking a mentor
The question that got a Facebook executive hired
The uncomfortable, powerful truth every manager realizes after getting a promotion
Completing this 30-minute exercise makes teams less anxious and more productive
The feminist case for not using the thumbs up emoji
Good managers give constructive criticism, but truly masterful leaders give constructive praise
Instagram’s CEO is not very good at Instagram—and that’s why he’s good at his job
You can tell how happy employees are by looking at these subtle details of office design
Psychologists explain why name dropping basically always backfires
Sick of your co-worker’s loud chewing? Use this flowchart to conquer annoying office sounds
“It’s more important to be polarizing than neutralizing”: The truth about being divisive at work
One tiny detail at companies like SpaceX, Google, and Airbnb speaks volumes about their culture
To be a better boss, act like a witch

Sexism and tech:
(Feature) We tested bots like Siri and Alexa to see who would stand up to sexual harassment
Why women overload texts with emojis

Now that everything is terrible, I advise you to wash your feet

Culture + Life

Men paralyzed by #MeToo: Here’s why you need to speak up—and how
Everything wrong with Angela Landsbury’s claim that women are to blame for sexual assault
Men, gather round: This NFL player turned feminist will teach you how to fight sexism
We edited Louis C.K.’s apology to make it into a real apology
This is how you apologize like you actually mean it
How to write a love letter—a gift that never goes out of style
Hookup culture is bad for women—so why do we force ourselves to participate?
Goodbye to Girls, the show that wasn’t really about millennials, anyway
Pornhub, the web’s biggest porn site, is now teaching sex ed
The grimacing emoji is the best emoji—long live the grimacing emoji
A forgotten Darwinian theory upends everything biologists thought about the female orgasm
Scientists figured out why your selfies are so funny and authentic but everyone else’s are so narcissistic
The hidden emotional consequences of de-friending ex-pals and former flames
#ShePersisted is more powerful as a rallying cry to women than #NastyWoman ever could be

The Atlantic

How Does Hookup Culture Affect Sexual Assault on Campus? 

Washington Post

Is Hinge really for serious relationships?

I have plenty of friends, but no best friend

Global Grind

Beyonce is (Finally) with her

The Straits Times

(Singapore’s largest national newspaper)
Re-printed: I have plenty of friends, but no best friend

Brooklyn Magazine

Cobble Hill’s Youngest Business Owners Open New Comic Store


What I learned from a Snapchat affair with an old flame

Middlebury Magazine:

Modern Love
The Shopkeeper
44 Ideas, Inventions, Discoveries, & Creations that Middlebury (and Its people) Have Given the World
Cutting the Umbilical Cord to Facebook

Thought Catalog:

If He Doesn’t Think You’re Hot, It Probably Won’t Happen

Women’s Health Magazine:

One Woman’s Colostomy Bag Swimsuit Photo Has Kickstarted an Incredibly Inspiring Campaign 
This New Invention Could Change Proposals Forever
What You Need to Know About Parkinson’s Disease
How one woman lost more than 75 pounds using three simple tricks (Print)


20 Things Liberal Arts Students Need to Know at a Professional Internship

WellesleyWeston Magazine (Print):

Unpaid Internships (Spring 2013 Edition)
Page 40, Forum section

Dealing With Body Image at Middlebury (February 2014)

Q+A With Gabriel Sherman ’01, New York Times Best Selling Author (March 2014)

Giving “Bro” Culture a Voice of It’s Own (April 2013)

All (many more) middbeat posts available here (pseudonym: professla)

New England Clean Energy Council:

New England Heat Wave Illuminates Need for Grid Reliability (July 2013)

Solar Panel Parking Lots Prosper at Local Schools (June 2013)

Wind Industry Propels International and Local Economies Forward (May 2013)


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